Mindfulness and Feedback Literacy Course

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Mindfulness and Feedback Literacy is a self-paced, asynchronous, co-curricular course designed to introduce you to mindfulness and how it relates to learning from feedback. You'll be able to take the practices into your everyday life and learn when and how to apply them in your academic journey.

The course consists of six lessons, developed for self-paced learning. 

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Learning Outcomes

In this co-curricular course, you will learn to:  

  1. Describe how mindfulness can affect feedback literacy and learning.
  2. Apply practical mindfulness methods during your academic journey.
  3. Recognize how your physiological response and emotions contribute to your learning journey, and how mindfulness can be a support.
  4. Explain how self-compassion, when receiving feedback, enhances our ability to learn and grow as students.
  5. Note how mindfulness can help to build resiliency so that we can engage more deeply with feedback.

This course was developed by an interdisciplinary research team at Western, including Learning Development & Success.