Graduate Students

Learning Development & Success helps students succeed in graduate school. We cover areas such as time management, goal setting, research organization, habit creation, reading and note-taking strategies, motivation and positive mindsets, and so much more! Check out the services below to see how we can help and for information and ideas on how to balance the challenges of taking courses, conducting research, doing volunteer work, writing your dissertation, and being an effective teacher.

Presentations and Workshops

We offer a variety of live sessions on topics that are common challenges among graduate students.

Click here to view our list of upcoming LIVE presentations

Note that some of the presentations listed are more relevant for grad students taking courses or those in course-based programs, while others are better suited for those in research-based programs. So check out the topics and choose based on your specific needs!

Can't make it to a live session? No worries, check out our prerecorded learning videos.  


For additional sessions offered by other campus partners, please visit Own Your Future (OYF) which is Western's doctoral professional development program. You can view their upcoming live sessions in the OYF Calendar or view their recordings of past sessions. Master's students and postdocs are welcome to attend if space is available.

GradUpdATE: E-Newsletter

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Time Management (PDFs, progress tracker, dissertation calculator)

Here is a time management workbook developed for graduate students with information, resources, tools, and strategies to assist with time management. For tips on time management for grad students, click here

Use a calendar to help manage your time and organize deadlines.

Use a prioritization tool to help you organize the items on your to-do list.

Use a dissertation calculator to help break down your project and a tracker to monitor your progress

PhD Planning Group

Each week, students get together to discuss their progress and reflect on what they were or were not able to get done during the previous week. There is time to plan for the upcoming week, and share your plans with each other. To join the waitlist for our next PhD Planning Group, click here.

Book an Appointment

Looking for help developing a plan to complete your work? Wanting progress check-ins to stay on track? Wondering how to improve your time management or motivation? Book a confidential individual appointment with us.

Mindfulness Events and groups

Mindfulness can greatly impact your learning and work by lowering your anxiety and helping you focus and recharge better. Learn more about our mindfulness programs and how you can benefit from mindfulness.


A 5-week program specifically designed for graduate students in research-based programs and a 10-week program for graduate students in course-based programs (and undergraduate students) that introduce you to a range of helpful learning and thriving concepts. Learn more about Learn2Thrive here.