Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport

The Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport supports student athletes with their transition to university learning and competing at the varsity level. Get support meeting your goals in the classroom and in your sport!

Presentations and Sessions

 Final Exam Study Sessions for 2022

Your ASP - Sport Peers and PAL Peers are offering free virtual study sessions to help you prepare for finals.

  • Create your own effective study schedule
  • See strategies for studying that are proven to help your learning
  • Connect with trained Learning Peers in a relaxed peer-to-peer environment along with other students in your classes

Business 1220E: Monday March 28th - 4pm

Math 1228B: Thursday March 31st – 12pm

Chemistry 1302B: Friday April 1st – 6pm 

Calculus 1000B: Tuesday April 5 – 4pm

Economics 1022B: Tuesday April 5 - 5pm​

Physiology 1021: Wednesday April 6 – 4pm 

Join us on Zoom: (Passcode 620049)


Guided Practice on Time Management for Student Athletes

The following two videos give you instructions on how to incorporate time management strategies into your busy Student-Athlete schedule.

Time Management for Athletes - Part 1 of 2

Time Management for Athletes - Part 2 of 2

To complete the activities in the video you will need the following fillable PDFs:
Weekly Calendar
January - February 2022
March - April 2022
January - April 2022 4-month

After completing the activity, if you would like to discuss your plan or get some feedback you can reach out to for assistance.

There are other asynchronous and live presentations available through Learning Development and Success that you might find helpful. More information on the presentations can be found here.

ASP-Sport Study Hub

ASP-Sport Study Hub occurs regularly throughout the academic term where you can connect with Learning Peers for course-specific assistance, learning skills support, access graduate student mentors, or check in with a SAMP mentor.

Study Hub will offer a hybrid of in-person and virtual hours for the remainder of the semester.

For Winter 2022, Study Hub hours are:

Day Hours Location(s)/Links Courses
Monday 3pm - 6pm In Person
Alumni Hall 59

Science: Biology 1002B, Biology 2382B, Calculus 1000B, Chemistry 1302B, 2223B Math 1225B, 1229B 

Social Science:  Psychology 1000, Business 1220E, MOS 1021B, 1023B, Geography 1200, 1400 

Tuesday 6pm - 9pm Virtual on Zoom

Science: Biology 1002B, 2382B, 2581B, Calc 1000B, Chem 1302B, Physics 1029B, Math 1229B Pharm 3620 

Social Science:  Psychology 1000, Economics 1021, 1022, 2220, 2260

Wednesday 10am - 1pm In Person
Alumni Hall 59

Science: Biology 1002B, Chemistry 1302B, 2223B, Physiology 2130, Anatcell 2200B, MAth 1225B 1229B 

Social Science: Business 1220E, MOS 1021B, 1022B, 1023B, Psychology 1000, Math 1229B, Econ 1021B 

Arts: Classics 1000 

Health Sciences: Kin 1080B and upper year Kin 

6pm - 9pm Virtual on Zoom

Science:  Applied Math 1201B, Calc 1000B, Biology 1002B, Chemistry 1302B, Physics 1029B 

Social Science:  Psychology 1000 

Thursday 6pm - 9pm Virtual on Zoom

Science: Biology 1002B, 2244B, 2290G, 2382B, 2581B, Chemistry 1302B, 2223B, Physics 1302B, 1029B, Epidemiology 2220B, MicroImm 2500B, Stats 2244B, Pharmacology 2060B, Physiology 1021, 2130 

Social Sciences:  Anthropology 1020

You're encouraged to familiarize yourself with the PAL Centre for assistance with courses not offered in Study Hub.

Academic Check-Ins

Academic check-ins allow you to meet with Wendy Latimer, the Academic Success Program Coordinator to chat about your academic and sport goals, how the transition to university life has been so far, and what resources and services on campus are available to assist with your transition to university. If you have specific course-related concerns or learning strategies you'd like to work on, these can be discussed as well. For more information email Wendy at