Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport

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The Academic Success Program (ASP): Sport supports student athletes with their transition to university learning and competing at the varsity level. Get support meeting your goals in the classroom and in your sport! ASP-Sport gives you access to workshops to enhance your skills, a spot to study for student athletes staffed by upper year learning peers who can help with course specific content, one-on-one academic help with our program coordinator or a graduate student mentor, and a Student Athlete Mentorship Program.

Presentations and Sessions

Kick Off Presentation Series 2022:

Start your university career off right, with these sessions designed to help you develop the study habits and skills required to be a successful student.  These in-person sessions are available for first-year students and are offered both in August for students on campus early for training camps and again in September.  If you attend all 4 you can have credit on your co-curricular record and recieve a Certificate of Academic Engagement.​

August Sessions:

Workshop Title Date/Time Location
Transitioning to University Learning

Thursday August 25th, 1-2pm

Sommerville House 2316
Time Management for Student Athletes Wednesday August 31st, 11am-12pm Sommerville House 2316
Approaches to University Reading Thursday September 1st, 3-4pm Sommerville House 2316

 September Sessions:

Workshop Title Date/Time Location
Transitioning to University Learning Thursday September 8th 3-4pm Weldon Library* - Instruction Room
Time Management for Student Athletets Wednesday September 14th, 6-7pm Weldon Library - Instruction Room
Learning from Lectures Tuesday September 20th, 5-6pm Weldon Library - Instruction Room
Preparing and Studying for Midterm Exams Thursday September 29th, 5-6pm Weldon Library - Instruction Room

 * The Weldon Library Instruction Room is located on the Ground Floor of Weldon Library, in the Map and Data Centre.

Guided Practice on Time Management for Student Athletes

The following two videos give you instructions on how to incorporate time management strategies into your busy Student-Athlete schedule.

Time Management for Athletes - Part 1 of 2

Time Management for Athletes - Part 2 of 2

To complete the activities in the video you will need the following fillable PDFs:
Weekly Calendar

After completing the activity, if you would like to discuss your plan or get some feedback you can reach out to for assistance.

There are other asynchronous and live presentations available through Learning Development and Success that you might find helpful. More information on the presentations can be found here.

ASP-Sport Study Hub

ASP-Sport Study Hub is dedicated place for student athletes to study on campus.   Conveniently located close to practice spaces, the library and the UCC, the ASP-Sport Study Hub is staffed by knowledgeable upper year learning peers, who can help with content in your first year courses. Come to Study Hub for independent studying, to get help with a course you are struggling with, or to meet some other students studying for the same course you are.

ASP-Sport Study Hub will reopen Monday January 23rd for Term 2.  Check back for updated hours for course specific Help. (note - closed reading week)

Hours for Study Hub:

Day Time Location
Mondays 3pm-8pm Alumni Hall 59
Tuesdays  6pm-9pm Weldon Library Community Room
Wednesdays 3pm-8pm Alumni Hall 59
Thursdays  6-9pm  Weldon Library Community Room

Course Specific Help:

Looking for course help?  The table below tells you wish days help for your course is available:


(AH 59)

3-5:30pm Learning Peers from Science and Business/Economics available



(AH 59)


Learning Peers from Science, Health Science, Kinesiology and Social Science available




Learning Peers from Science, Physiology and Kinesiology as well as PAL learning peers available


(AH 59)


Learning Peers from Science, Kinesiology, MOS available


(AH 59)


Learning Peers from Science, Physiology, Computer Science available




Learning Peers from Science and Engineering available

You're encouraged to familiarize yourself with the PAL Centre for assistance with courses not offered in Study Hub.

Meet our ASP Graduate Mentors and Learning Peers 2022-23

Grad Mentors:

Farshad Esmaeilian - Chemistry

Madelyn Hertz - Anthropology

Farah Kamar - Medical Biophysics

Taylor Shelton - Physiology and Pharmacology

Learning Peers:

Matteo Biglioli - Kinesiology

Edmund Co - Engineering

Sophia Crow - Kinesiology

Emma Dorval - Social Science (Criminology)

Alexis Estabrooks - Health Science

Akshaj Jonnalagadda - Neuroscience

Eric Kim - Medical Sciences

Ryan Kim - Medical Sciences

Allison McLoughlin - Medical Sciences

Armeen Nabavi - Medical Sciences

Sarah O-Rourke - Kinesiology

Ivan Quan - Medical Sciences

Rebecca Sandybay - BMOS and Social Sciences

Armin Selzner - Business

Tenisha Takhar - Medical Sciences

Heewon Chae - Computer Science


Academic Check-Ins

Academic check-ins allow you to meet with Wendy Latimer, the Academic Success Program Coordinator to chat about your academic and sport goals, how the transition to university life has been so far, and what resources and services on campus are available to assist with your transition to university. If you have specific course-related concerns or learning strategies you'd like to work on, these can be discussed as well. For more information email Wendy at

SAMP Mentorship Program

First year student athletes can request a Student Athlete Mentor (SAMP) for their first year, a trained upper year peer who can offer you support as you tranisition to university learning and competition. All SAMP mentors are also student athletes who have made the transition and can offer advice.  They also organize events for our first year students, so you can meet and socialize with your peers.  Fill out this form to request a SAMP Mentor for 2022/23.