Certificate of Academic Engagement

The Learning Development & Success Certificate of Academic Engagement recognizes students who make the effort to be their academic best. To receive the Certificate, watch a minimum of four synchronous and/or asynchronous Learning Development & Success presentations between September 2022-April 2023 and let us know by doing the following:

For each asynchronous presentation, please complete and submit a Reflection Form.

For each synchronous presentation, a QR code will be shared with you at the end of the presentation that will guide you to an attendance form that you should fill out. 

Once you've done those for your 4 presentations, email learning@uwo.ca to request your Certificate.

Learning Development & Success presentations are Western Co-Curricular Record approved. To get credit you must first obtain your Certificate of Academic Engagement, then sign in to Connect, click on Co-curricular record on the left tab, and add the Learning Development & Success Certificate of Academic Engagement to your Co-Curricular Record for validation. 


Western Approved Image

NB: The record is NOT retroactive, and therefore positions must be added during the academic year in which the activity occurred. Students will not be able to add positions to their record after the annual deadline for adding activities has passed.