Encourage Your Adult Children to Seek Out Support Services

Each year many Western students access Learning Develoment. We provide a number of important services that can help your child have the best student experience. For detailed information on our service and how best to deal with some common learning issues click here.

Promote Independence

Students need to take responsibility for their learning. This does not mean doing everything on their own. Independent students are able to assess when they can benefit from support services and know how to find and ask for help. Encourage your son or daughter to become their own best advocate by learning about the different student services at Western and making good use of them.

Support the Development of Time Management Skills

Students will receive a course outline detailing important contact information, due dates, and course expectations. They should keep this outline handy for easy reference; it's their responsibility to keep track of weekly readings, due dates, and upcoming tests. Encourage your child to note due dates on a calendar and to use a dayplanner to organize activities through the week. For more information on managing time click here.

Ask Your Child About Their Experiences

Check-in regularly with your child to find out how they're doing, especially in first year. Many students find the transition from a guided approach in high school to more independent learning in university challenging. Remind them that while change can be stressful and they're not alone. 

Be Aware of Our Policy Regarding Confidentiality

All information disclosed by students to staff in Learning Development & Success is confidential. It will not be shared with family, university staff, course instructors, or others without students' written permission and will not become part of academic records. Rather than contacting us on your daughter or sons behalf, encourage her or him to contact us directly with questions or concerns.