Time Management Self-Assessment

Are you a good time manager? Respond to the following inventory. Indicate Yes if the statement applies more often than not. Choose No if the statement does not apply most of the time.

Yes No
1 I make lists to help organize things that I have to do.
2 I often procrastinate when faced with tasks.
3 I make good use of small blocks of time.
4 I seldom prioritize among tasks.
5 I use my time wisely.
6 I find it difficult to resist pressure from others for my time.
7 I plan how my goals will be reached.
8 I lack balance in my life.
9 I can motivate myself to complete even boring tasks.
10 I have trouble concentrating on a task.
Count the odd-numbered items you responded to with Yes:
Count the even-numbered items you responded to with No:
Add these together:

How did you do?

8-10 Congratulations! You have strong time management skills.
5-7 You have time management skills that you can build upon.
0-4 You can benefit from strengthening your time management skills.

Want to become a better time manager?

Learning Development counsellors can help Western students learn and practice effective time management skills. For help setting goals, creating schedules, or monitoring progress, meet with one of the counsellors for an individual appointment. You can print or download 4-Month Term calendars or a weekly calendar from here, the main page.