Study With Me

Has studying alone been hard? Looking for some motivation to study more/regularly?
Pop into Study Hub and study alongside other students!

Study With Me sessions will start the week of September 12th and end on December 11th

What happens in each 2-hour session?

  • 5 minutes: Set goals for what you want to do using the SMART goals worksheet.
  • 50 minutes: Study in silence
  • 10 minutes: Break
  • 50 minutes: Study in silence
  • 5 minutes: Reflect on goals and what you were able to get done using the SMART goals worksheet


  • Enter or leave a Study With Me session any time during the session
  • Keep silent during study times
  • Turning your camera on is optional but highly encouraged for your own accountability

your co-curricular record

If you attend 6 or more sessions, you can add it to your Western’s Co-Curricular Record (WCCR). How?
  • Fill out the Attendee reflection form.
  • Log in to Connect, go to the co-curricular tab, browse the directory for Study With Me Attendee, and follow the prompts to apply.

☛ Want to volunteer to become a Study With Me Facilitator? At the end of each term, we post openings for the upcoming term through the Western Peer Leader Program.

★ For a virtual study space dedicated to graduate students, log in to Connect, click on Event Calendars>Events and find “Grad Student Life – Working in Community” (light blue color)